• TermIt - I designed and coordinated the vision and development of TermIt until 1/2022.
  • Semantic Government Vocabulary - I designed and coordinated the development of the Semantic Government Vocabulary and the related tooling until 1/2022.
  • Pellet Query engine - I designed and implemented SPARQL-DL query engine to the Pellet reasoner.
  • JOPA - I architected and created a first implementation of JOPA, a tool for accessing OWL ontologies from Java.
  • OWLDiff - I architected and coordinated the implementation of OWLDiff, a tool for comparing and merging OWL ontologies.

Some other tools and activities involve:

  • SPARQL-DL Not rules - a simple Protege plugin to evaluate SPARQL construct queries as rules over an ontology.
  • ECCAIRS tools - toolbox to work with ECCAIRS aviation taxonomies (parsing, analyzing, representing in the SNOMED-CT format).
  • OWL Hiearchy - a Protege plugin to render tree-like hierarchy based on arbitrary property (e.g. skos:broader), not just rdfs:subClassOf.
  • OWL2Query - a SPARQL-DL Not query engine.
  • SNOMED-CT Czech tutorial) - a quick overview over some features of SNOMED-CT for Czech audience.